For enjoying karaoke
“BIG ECHO” is the best choice.

BIG ECHO is the biggest karaoke shop chain in Japan and is operated by the biggest company in karaoke industry whose name is DAIICHIKOSHO.DAIICHIKOSHO's brand is DAM which is the highest quality and the most popular in karaoke market. DAM works with many languages such as English, Chinese and Korean, so you don't worry about how to use the karaoke machine. At BIG ECHO, all age customers can enjoy singing in the individual room with wonderful décor and comfortable atmosphere. We have a lot of famous animation songs. Of course we have a lot of J-pops, English songs, Chinese songs and Korean songs with high quality sounds and videos. And you can also enjoy typical Japanese food and a lot of variety of drinks. We are looking forward to you visiting BIG ECHO.

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